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There have been credible allegations of ethnic cleansing and of the silencing of dissent. A report from Chatham House, the international From the start of the Rojava revolution in 2012, the Syrian regime has maintained control of a small area of the regional capital, Qamishli. Symbolic of its ongoing power and threat of return, members of the Syrian regime forces patrol what is called “security square,” or the Christian quarter. Revolution in Rojava: Democratic Autonomy and Women's Liberation in the Syrian Kurdistan Paperback – Illustrated, November 15, 2016 by Michael Knapp (Author), Ercan Ayboga (Author), Anja Flach (Author), 4.7 out of 5 stars 24 ratings See all formats and editions The revolution has suffered considerable assault. Turkey opposes Rojava and has prevented all supplies, trade, and humanitarian aid from crossing its border into the region. A new education system Preceded and surrounded by authoritarian regimes who have historically oppressed the Kurds and other minorities, the Rojava Revolution proposed a system based on diversity Translator’s Note Revolution in Rojava, the first full book to appear on the democratic, gender-equal, cooperative revolution under way in northern Syria, was originally published in German in March 2015 by VSA Verlag. This English version began as a direct translation, but over the course of 16 months, it has been extensively revised and This has led to several international media reports regarding the region, including major TV documentaries like BBC documentary (2014): Rojava: Syria's Secret Revolution or Sky1 documentary (2016): Rojava – The Fight Against ISIS.

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Riseup 4 Rojava . List of Rojava Solidarity Groups. RevistaLegerin Rojava is in the midst of a crisis. Smart and capable people are leaving to the west. Young people are not inspired by the revolution, instead being attracted to European society because of what they see on the television. There is a huge brain drain occurring in Rojava. All the smart, educated and wealthy people are leaving Rojava en masse.

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2018-12-06 2018-10-04 Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Revolution in Rojava March 12 at 12:59 PM · 📌 Lack of international agreement and Turkey's continuous construction of dams in MiddleEast threaten populations and peace in the region argues Ercan Ayboğa twitter: @ercanayboga Revolution in Rojava. March 9 at 3:59 AM ·.

Revolution i Rojava - Demokratisk autonomi och - CDON

En av många artiklar som finns tillgängliga från vår Samhälle & politik avdelning här på Fruugo! Demonstrationer mot invasionen av Rojava! 9 oktober, 2019 10 oktober, Fragments of everyday life in the Rojava revolution · 24 april, 2016 11 december,  "Rojava : Revolution, War and the Future of Syria's Kurds". Bok av Thomas Schmidinger.

Rojava revolution

Rojava. Democratic Autonomy and Women's. Liberation in Syrian Kurdistan. Michael Knapp, Anja Flach, and Ercan Ayboğa. Foreword by David  Oct 23, 2019 The “Rojava Revolution” began, roughly, in 2012, when President Bashar al- Assad withdrew his forces from Northern Syria as the war  Oct 15, 2019 The similarities between the society in Rojava, based on an ideology called Democratic Confederalism, and the ideology of the international punk  The Rojava conflict, also known as the Rojava revolution, is a political upheaval and military conflict taking  Students in Rojava, a semi-autonomous enclave of Syria, are making up for years of lost education by studying computer code and blockchain technology.
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Rojava revolution

Last night I  Rojava revolution: building autonomy in the Middle East, By Sardar Saadi.

Prior to this step, the government of Turkey increase logistic, For now, the tit for tat stuff continues but there’s some openness to work with the regime following Turkey’s incursion – in terms of realpolitik one can see the justification for self-defence but the long term political-military goals of the Rojava revolution have always been to use the region as a revolutionary base for the liberation of Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey.
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Thomas  From its inception in 2011, the Rojava revolution put women's rights first, outlawing polygamy and forced marriages, criminalizing “honor killings,” and transforming  Documentaries about Rojava · Legacy of Alina Sanchez (Legerin Ciya), International martyr of Rojava · Jiyan's Story / A film about women's revolution of Syriya. The Rojava Revolution has radically altered Syrian society east of the Euphrates, and few would argue the changes are for the worse.

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Revolution i Rojava - Demokratisk autonomi och - Adlibris

Land, Rojava. Lojalitet, Folkets försvarsenheter. "Die Rojava Revolution" av Demir · Book (Bog). .